Thursday, 15 January 2009

Jobhunting blues

Since returning to Bombay much of my time has been taken up with searching for a job. Part of the reason I wanted to come and live here for a while was to work as a journalist in a region where there's actually stuff happening. Not that Melbourne isn't a hotbed of activity, but there's only so much AFL one can avoid in a career. We opted to chuck in our jobs at home and go travelling, rather than line something up before we arrived; mainly so we wouldn't feel hemmed in, but also so we'd have more of an informed choice of what direction we'd go in. Back in Australia I was looking forward to getting a toehold into the local media here, but after a few weeks of watching India's many 24-hour news channels, I've decided it's probably not for me. In any case, the salaries are reportedly dire: in the region of $A100 per week, as I was told the other day.

But as I've quickly found out, the midst of a credit crunch-driven downturn that has significantly affected India is probably NOT the best time to be looking for a job in the media. "Didn't you think of that when you came?" asked the guy I met today to sound out about a gig at a to-be-launched TV channel. Yes I did, mate, but I made the decision to leave months ago when the credit crisis was limited to McMansion owners in Tennessee.

So today, another friendly chat, no bites, "but if you'd been here a few months ago when they were hiring you would have had no trouble". Jason, too, had a chat at a newly-launched magazine in town but got exactly the same response. So we are both throwing a little pity party tonight.

I may have shed a few tears in the cab on the way home, much to the dismay of my Sai Baba worshipping driver. But I dealt with the sadness in the only way I know how: retail therapy and ice cream. And now I have a PLAN. If this media in India thing doesn't work out, I can happily ride out the downturn for the rest of the year by doing something else. Like be a tour guide. Or something. Or maybe I'll try to eke out a freelance existence. Or maybe I'll stop stressing about finding work when I've been looking seriously for exactly four days.


Anonymous said...

Ack, I can totally sympathise. But drowning your sorrows in icecream and retail therapy sounds like an excellent idea.

Hope some exciting opportunities come your way soon. xx

lulu said...

welcome to bombay! hope the joghunting blues go away soon..look forward to staying in touch through our respective blogs.