Sunday, 11 January 2009

Snap-happy Sunday

Back in Bombay after a too-long stay down south, and we are now embarking on getting organised in earnest. And that means making lists, which can be roughly broken up in to three main areas:

1. Get connected and contactable
2. Get jobs
3. Get lives

Little progress has been made on the first, but incremental changes on the second and third. I have a job "chat" tomorrow, and Jason has one later this week. And I made two cold calls today with the aim of network building: "Hi you don't know me but I'm a friend of blah and have just moved to the city", etc. Hard but necessary if I don't want to spend every night watching cheesy Indian TV.

Getting a mobile phone SIM card has turned out to be more difficult than we initially thought. For safety reasons, we not only need a fixed address and proof, we also need a local to vouch for us and fill out a no objection type form. We have lots of locals around who could vouch for us, and offer to, but getting this to translate into actual action is a whole other story. Nevertheless, I've enjoyed the break from the fear of brain cancer that washes over me every time I take a call.

The rest of the day was spent shopping, meandering, coffee-ing. Lunch was at Crepe Station at Pali Hill's Carter Road:

And this is its proximity to the mudflats-masquerading-as-beach at Carter Road, Pali Hill:

On the way home I was accosted by perhaps the most masculine hijra I've ever come across. I mean, he wasn't even trying! He may have been in a sari, bindi and with long hair tied back, but his loping gait was like a cricketer with a strained groin and he made no attempt to heighten his voice. And even though I desisted from donating, he/she happily smiled for a photo - which I can't seem to post at the moment, but I will endeavour to do so soon. Maybe Blogger is a nanny-type tool?

Speaking of cricket, I spent the past few days immersed in Indian chicklit: The Zoya Factor. Naturally, Indian chicklit involves joint families, the threat of an arranged marriage and, naturally, being squired by the captain of the Indian cricket team. Still, quite enjoyable, and now available for loan to visitors.

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