Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Jaipur literature festival

Early tomorrow I'm off to Jaipur to attend my second Jaipur Literature Festival. For lovers of books, ideas and indeed all things South Asian and cerebral, it truly will be the centre of things for the next five days.

I had a marvellous time last year, which I wrote about here. I've spent the last week immersed in the program, having written a preview piece, while Jason's written another. I'm also preparing at least one long piece for Australian radio.

Last year, it was a spur of the moment decision to go, the day it started. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the year. One day there was Amitabh Bachchan greeted by a mob of thousands of fans; then there was a standout session starring the gently humorous Michael Wood talking about his temple travels in the South; the final night ball at a private part of the City Palace:

Shashi Tharoor was there, before he got all busy being the all-travellin, all-Tweetin' minister of External Affairs:

Interweb access pending, I shall try to blog from the festival and provide highlights from each of my days there.

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