Friday, 12 February 2010

Launches and lunches

Delhi only has, roughly, three to four months of decent weather each year. Right now, we're emerging out of the frigid cold of winter and the mercury has not yet started spiralling upwards uncontrollably, so it's a good time for parties and general frivolity.

Last night I somehow ended up on the list to go to a book launch at the French Ambassador's residence. In the diplomatic quarter, it is a house truly made for entertaining: soaring ceilings, massive artworks on the walls, a sprawling garden lined with trees with lights strung up in the branches. I wanted to take photos but that would have been way uncool. It was a French thing, after all. 

Today I had lunch at the Lodi Gardens Restaurant, one of Delhi's prettiest garden restaurants. At night all those lanterns in the trees are lit, there are candles on all the tables and little lights throughout the garden, so the whole garden glows.

Beef is banned in Delhi, so I presume the steak on the menu was probably buffalo meat. Whatever. It was wrapped in bacon, and everything tastes good with bacon, so that's what I had. It was excellent, and the first time I'd had steak since last October, when my dad insisted it was his duty to make sure I was eating properly and took me to Melbourne's top steak joint, The Point, which has a display of raw meat in the entrance.

Both times, the steak made me pretty happy. I am officially a Bad Hindu.

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