Monday, 16 August 2010

Monsoon Weeding

Moonsoon Weeding was the title of a pirate DVD I bought in Sydney. I bought it and kept it, even though it didn't work, tickled by the syntax error in the title, picturing gardeners hard at work in the moonlit rain.

It's monsoon season here in Delhi. We were here for monsoon last year, but it was paltry, just a couple of days of downpour and then all over. This year it's on for young and old - and the weather bureau says rainfall will be roughly seven percent above average and that the monsoon will last longer.

Skies are grey and my hair is going crazy in these days of 97% humidity, but it's great: fresh and clean and damp, and under 30 degrees. Even when it's still relatively hot, it's still a treat to sit inside, tea in hand, listening to the rain thundering on the roof.

(photos: Jason Staines)

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