Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Pushkar camel fair

I visited Pushkar last year for the annual camel fair; by the time my group arrived the camel trading had wound up and all the villagers who'd descended upon the town were intent on just having good clean fun while spending all the money they'd made on the camels.

Then, in early November, Pushkar was dry and dusty, the famous lake nothing more than a few desolate puddles. Nothing at all like the Buddha eye it is famed to represent.

But the light was incredible: a soft pinky sheen that turned the desert sands a rosy colour.

I've just spent the past week travelling: first to the foothills of the Himalayas, then back to Pushkar. All my grand plans to blog from location were scuppered by a lack of a reliable interweb connection. I can't wait for the day when air will be wired.


Mezze Moments said...

HI I was thinking of going this year. Would you recommend it ? Marina

desiderata said...

Yes - without a doubt! It was really fantastic, even without the spectacle of the camels. Thousands of villagers (dressed in fantastic turbans or brightly coloured lengha-cholis) descend upon Pushkar; it's all very festive and fun.

dan said...
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desiderata said...

Yeah Dan I dunno... leaving it up but don't particularly like my blog being used for your spammy purposes.

dan said...

Dear Desiderata......really not SPAM, but i understand your feelings, if you feel better taking it down, quite's really a poem i wrote to make a point about internet manners.....which are going down down i found your blog via the google window....but take it down if wish....i understand...i hate spam too...but really, i am selling nothing, i did not even copyright this words.....danny

desiderata said...

Hi Dan, no offence intended. Feel free to leave a link to it, but I felt it was a bit of a tenuous link and posting something so long was a bit over the top! Again, in the interests of good internet behaviour, I apologise if I caused you any offence.

dan said...

Dear D,
No no, you were right, so i took it down, it was too long for the space.....if anyone wants to find it they can find it here:



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