Monday, 4 October 2010

Delhi's Commonwealth Games opening ceremony


Suresh Kalmadi must know people hate him, but there's nothing like the sound of 50,000 people jeering you as you're trying to deliver your speech, your moment in the sun, at the start of the event you've engineered, to really drive that message home.

But I doubt he cares, he likely has a house made of gold bricks to go home to, each brick stamped with a little Commonwealth Games logo.

Kalmadi only really has two friends about now: his son, who is the part-owner of a company bringing F1 racing to India (in a deal brokered by his dad), and the owner of Wasabi by Morimoto, the uber-expensive Japanese restaurant at the Taj Palace hotel, where he apparently likes the sushi. A lot.

Still, the opening ceremony was truly spectacular: giant mendhi hands! A yoga demonstration! A colourful and oversized depiction of what it's like to get a train! It celebrated India through and through and I doubt there was a heart in that stadium that wasn't swelling with Jai Hind pride at being a desi.

(Thanks US Embassy in Delhi for the image)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Uncle was a disco dancer

You know, when that cool cat lead singer of French electro-jazz group Electro Deluxe, during their show at the outdoor amphitheatre at the Garden of Five Senses last weekend, asked people to come up on stage to dance - what he actually meant was:

"Yo hot girl in the purple boob tube with oh-so the swingy hips, come up on stage and dance. Dance I said!"

And not:

"Uncle-ji, head on up and show us how it was done in 1979."

Stlll, to my mind uncleji had the best moves of the lot AND commendably ignored the control freakish commands to "slide to the left... now to the right."