Monday, 9 March 2009


The lifestyle coach has emailed me.

Actually, she calls herself a "lifestyle manager".

She's emailed asking me some detailed questions about my project, saying she'd love to give me some information, but needs to know more from me first.

Question: should I bother? Or should I persevere with this one in the hope that they turn out to be good talent? (Because, naturally, the lifestyle manager is now inextricably a part of the story.)


Liberty London Girl said...

Hilarious. Oh you have to pursue this. It's an essay at the very least. LLGxx

Anonymous said...

former ABC journalist - are you the one who used to read the news at 7 from Melbourne ?
Never knew that ABDesis were in ABC - always figured it to be the biggest closed shop of the lot.
I did the reverse of what you have done. Moved from Bangalore to Melbourne - did not know a single soul.
Good luck.